For carpentry and woodworking services, no one in the region can compete with the craftsmanship, integrity, and affordable prices of Knead Construction, Inc.. Our team of professional carpenters brings together form and function in their craft. When it comes to wood structure repair, fabrication, and finishing, our carpentry services rank #1.

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The first phase of any carpentry project is the consultation. There, you’ll explain what you want, including specific requests. If your project requires fabrication, we will draw up a design plan (or series of plans, depending on the project) that you will need to approve. If you don’t like it or need us to make modifications—it’s back to the drawing board for us! Our number one goal is to ensure your total satisfaction.

Once we’ve settled on the services you need and have an approved plan, we’ll create an accurate service estimate. This will include a cost breakdown for the expected services and the materials required. We’re proud of the accuracy of our quotes because it means that all our clients know exactly what they’re paying for, every step of the way.


Among the many great reasons to hire Knead Construction, Inc., is the fact that we keep our prices competitive. And yet, while our prices remain affordable, we never sacrifice the quality of our work. For our master carpenters, the work isn’t done until it meets our (very high) standards.

Our affordable carpentry services include the fabrication, installation, and repair of the following:


Over the years, we’ve become known equally for our carefully selected woodworking materials, as much as our actual carpentry skills. In many ways, they are inseparable. After all, in carpentry, the best results are closely related to the materials used. Choose from a wide range of local, national, and imported wood—new and reclaimed—to give your finished project the extra character that detail alone can highlight.

Bring us your own designs or work with us to create the perfect design for your carpentry project. Call now for carpentry and woodworking fabrication services.


If it’s not already clear, we’re all about the details. And nowhere is that more important than in the finishing touches. From moldings and trim to the decorative touches on your banister, coffee table, or chair, our master carpenters are in full control. No detail is left overlooked and nothing is left to chance.

If you’re looking for a carpenter, choose the team that makes an impact everywhere they go. Choose Knead Construction, Inc. and call us now!